Saturday, August 25, 2012


Traveling, spending many weeks back in the home country, visiting family and friends, is always an odd experience. We're displaced, but we're home. I get to reunite with people I've missed so much, but am uprooted from my normal routines and environment.  Everything I was doing in Doha is suspended, and I'm immersed in the spaces and lives of others.
This time, the rewards were great, as my travels interlaced two of my favorite fiber people. Below are images from their places, Karen in B.C. and Janet in Oregon.
Can't beat this fiber storage system!
Janet's spindle in Karen's house, providing a very welcome spinning interval.
(You can tell that's not Janet's place because only one spindle is visible, unlike this scene):
And the spaces in between, getting from one place to another, were equally inspiring.
How fortunate am I, that beautiful friends and beautiful landscape are in such close proximity?