Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Getting ready to move.....

I'm in the middle (or still near the beginning, really) of this, which I promised to talk about in detail.  And definitely, it's coming with me. Everything is being prepared, and it will be prettier and more navigable and more image-heavy than ever. I'm not moving, but the blog is.

The content of this site will remain, so it can always be searched and found once again. Some of it will come to the new place, and some will just stay here and be linked, fondly.

It's exciting, though, and you're going to like it. There will be weaving, and spinning, and textiles, and spindles.... And I finally get to tell you about this yarn, too, which is currently featured in the Autumn 2013 issue of PLY Magazine.
After just a bit more housekeeping in the new place, I'll post the link and have a welcome party.
Stay tuned....