Sunday, May 3, 2009


Handquilting is quite a privilege. I could not do it if my fingers weren’t nimble, my eyes strong, and my time relatively flexible. Or if I had not met quilting mentors who showed me how to rock the needle, how to keep the fabric slightly loose in the frame, how to make the shell pattern.

So it’s a celebration of knowledge and skill, and I aim to keep it alive in me.

People say strange things sometimes, about how much I “must really love” whomever the quilt is for. They don’t realize that it’s ultimately for me. Even though I do love my quilts’ recipients, I am handquilting for love of the work, and for the sake of retaining this.

The stitches meander like thoughts across the fabric patches, and my mind and hands are brought together, focused on the message and story of this quilt.


vloula said...

i love what you said about quilting being for you. i hear similar things about my handspun and how i must love to share because i sell so much of it - sweet ladies at the LYS ;) in reality, i enjoy spinning more than knitting! i see it as a selfish pursuit to fill my needs to create.

AllyB said...

I found you on Ravelry in the Sew Obsessed group, I think. Your quilting stitches make me smile. I love hand quilting and sorely miss it since I've started knitting. Thank you for the motivation to get back into it again.