Wednesday, September 30, 2009


The monsoon season was such a welcome change from Doha's May and June heat. Can't even express how much I enjoyed basking in a landscape like this, and watching people plow with oxen.
Look how wet! See the waterfalls?
So very wet, and raining enough that everyone is wearing raingear to work the fields. In this part of Maharashtra, village rain gear means a large plastic bag, slit open along one side, so that the peak forms a hood and one's back is covered. They're really for sale in the market, just like that. Rows of brightly colored plastic-coated people plucked and re-planted these fields with remarkable efficiency, working all day long in the squelching mud.
Sometimes a small herd of buffalo sauntered through the oversaturated green, like the very definition of languid. (I did not get a picture of the buffalo - just imagine them, black and shiny, slow and calm, snouts lifted in lazy inquiry.)
It seemed to rain particularly hard on our days of travel, and I discovered a new genre: through-the-wet-window photos . Way fun.


Jo said...

Fabulous photos as usual, I particularly like the last one, almost like stripes of water through it distorting the image!

Elizabeth said...

Lovely photos! What a gift to be able to see these landscapes! You are a lucky woman.

Annie said...

Beautiful photos. I too particularly like the last one.

mazhalai said...

lovely photos. Thank you for photos of home. i miss home.