Saturday, June 18, 2011

Out of context

I took a rather neglected spindle-in-progress to the fitness club, to spin a little before spinning class (I like to bring together the two types of spinning, just for fun.)  It was in the pocket of my jacket, and since the room was cold and I started cycling in my jacket, I took out the spindle and put it on the floor beneath my handlebars.
Aspire Dome, the fitness club (shown in winter - now the sky is white)
I had a good view of it during the class, and from that angle, under the bright fluorescent lights, it looked extremely beautiful.  As I pumped my legs and sweat dripped off my chin, I felt a longing for the spindle and the elegant blended fiber.  The feeling was so powerful that it carried over after class, after going home, and I’ve picked up this spindle again and devoted fresh energy to this particular yarn, for the first time in weeks.
Mixed in with all my spindles, fibers, yarns, WIP’s, and textiles, this spindle and fiber had become just another one.  It was in a queue, waiting its turn along with a half dozen spindles-in-progress.  I had to see it completely out of context, all alone in the big, cold world of shiny gym machines and loud, driving music, to realize its power and beauty again.
I’ll remember this next time a project drags, or feels old and dull.  Take it out somewhere, look at it alone, where it’s the most beautiful thing in sight, and remember how lucky I am to have so many of these things going on.
Abby's Batt, Nine Wine Whine, on Bosworth Mini


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Abbybatt on a Bosworth, if I guess right. Some of my fave spinning mojo - and it looks wonderful against the grey/white background. Yum!