Tuesday, October 11, 2011


A little bit more Australia.  Or more specifically, New South Wales. I was impressed with how many national parks we saw, and how well-maintained they all are.  I think we visited six different public lands in as many days, and this was blissful, having come from the heat of the desert summer.
We only spent an hour walking through Washpool National Park, on the way from Armidale to Byron Bay. It was a brief stop and a ramble through the most accessible part of the park, but I honestly think it was my favorite part of the trip.
I am partial to water.  Particularly running water in the midst of an old-growth forest.
The depth of peace and rightness that such a place instills in me is not easy to express.
I believe all forests are enchanted, and I wander awed and absorbed in the textures, colors and patterns. 

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