Sunday, March 4, 2012


It has been a long time since I posted, but I have a print article available right now, in the Spring 2012 issue of Spin-Off Magazine.  It's about the Bedouin weaver I met in the souk here in Doha, and readers of the blog will be familiar with some of the content from previous posts, such as Ouerjan and String.
Above is a bonus view of her most recent weaving. The variegated natural yarn is handspun.

While I'm at it, I'll share my Bedouin-inspired finished pieces from the turn of the year. A bag made from my cotton ouerjan weaving:
And from the handspun souk yarn, a pillow cover with a bit of twining and a figure eight joining stitch.
Meanwhile, here in Doha we've had nasty, dusty wind, coming over from major storms in Saudi Arabia (a dust storm and a snow storm, apparently.)  So I've been thinking about the color of dust.


Indigonightowl said...

Hi Tracy, I just read your Spin-Off article this morning. As with all your articles, it's so beautifully written with a flow that allows me to feel like I'm somehow there. The photos are gorgeous, and my first reaction was just wonder-struck, looking at all the modern architecture with the old style boat in the front, and then over to the amazing weaving and spinning by a magical looking black swathed figure. Reading this is so inspiring and uplifting, and I wish I could share this experience in person. This has got me looking at my Navajo spindle in the corner waiting for me to christen it. I am in full appreciation and gratitude for your hard work and passion in sharing these local traditions I otherwise may not know about. Beautiful beautiful.


Laura said...

I wish the Spin-Off magazine would be sold here (France) - this week's blog is a wonderful compensation though, those excellent pictures of these woven items and your impressions - thank you very much!
A sand and snow storm - I didn't know that there could be a snow storm in Doha - sometimes I feel mortified learning anew every day that I know nothing.