Monday, July 1, 2013

On the line

I'm not in Laos anymore, but I have to post one more tribute to the daily beauty of the Ock Pop Tok Living Crafts Centre in Luang Prabang. Following a topic suggested and recently posted by Jo on the OPT blog, I'm sharing my numerous shots of the work hanging on the line.  This is a constantly shifting parade of yarns and finished scarves, presenting delicious juxtapositions.

Freshly washed or dyed scarves alongside skeins of silk are a celebration of texture.
 Inspiring palettes begged capturing for future reference.
The light and shadow of the trees in the garden, and the surrounding green create a lyrical setting for the handcrafts.
Hanging yarns range from the intriguing
to the serene
And generally speaking, it was hard to resist pulling out my camera every time I walked through the garden.
Sigh.... hard to believe I left this place, but I'll surely be back someday.


Gail Roach said...

The colors and patterns are so wonderful - makes me want to pull out some silk and start in!

Sebastian Penraeth said...

Hey Tracy... bet you can't guess who I am :-)

Tracy Hudson said...

Someone I knew with the same initials but shorter names. Independence.

knit said...


knit said...
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Thomas said...

This is fantastic!