Friday, January 8, 2010


Now that there's a lively discussion going on*, and people may be peeking over here to see actual work of mine (she said hopefully), I'd better get some more recent photos up.
I've been stitching.
The act of "putting in stitches," as Willia Ette Graham used to say, has been calming and comforting.
The stitches form a language, recalling past rhythms and moments,
but also asserting the present,
keeping me quietly here.
Those little marks?  Little dashes skipping and meandering through the uniform structure of the woven cloths?  They make me so happy.

*If that link is no good, use this one instead.


Laura said...

Thank you for sharing this. Like water rippling over pepples, like the wind blowing over young blades of grass...

jude said...

nothing like stitches....

Jo said...

beautiful and inspiring x