Friday, January 22, 2010

Two reasons to be happy about knitting

Reason 1, the selfish:
I knit a fitted set-in sleeve, without a pattern or even premeditation, which properly fits not only the armhole of the sweater, but my own body.

Some background:  this particular sweater has been on the needles for nearly a year, and projects that linger tend to acquire weight - as in, unwelcome burden sort of weight.  Something that seemed delightful and fun in the beginning becomes questionable: is this really going to work?  Is it going to look as good or be as comfy as I thought?  This sweater was in the throes of such doubt, purely as a result of too much time languishing in a basket and being passed up for fresher projects.  So the success of this sleeve, the utter surprise of nailing it, redeems both this sweater and my confidence in my knitting.
Now I just have to do it again.

Reason 2, the global:
These children in Gaza.
A few of them are wearing hats I made.
(bring your tissues)


Linda said...

Hi Tracy
Its me, tribal. I love that sweater!!!And thanks for not only posting about the kids but also for making them lovely hats.

Laura said...

Thank you for posting about these children. 64 years ago that child on the rubble of demolished houses was me. I was hungry and cold all the time. We fought like dogs for food kind American soldiers dropped from their panzers as they were driving through our village in 1945, victorious over Hitler. A CARE parcel from an unknown merciful human being arrived at our doorstep one day, and it included a green WARM hand-knitted hat. I wore it year round, it was my price possession, my only one for years to come. Green, my favorite color, the color of HOPE. Thank you for making a difference to so many children.

Tracy said...

Wow, Laura. Your comments are always valuable, but this.... thanks for this.
Those of us who knit for Gaza and Afghanistan hope to have such a lasting effect on a child, an effect of hope and humanity.

bazaarbayar said...

Thanks for your posts, both Tracy and Linda! Tracy, Rachel at Fiber Focus thought we'd have a lot in common, and Linda, I'd love to contribute hats to your future shipments. Keep up the wonderful work!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tracy, Laura and Bazaarbayer

Laura, thanks for sharing your story. It really made me see how important the work we are trying to do is to the child recipients. Here's to more green hats then:)

Bazaarbayer, please drop an email if you haven't already, at the Hats blog so we can send you more information. I do not own the blog, only contribute but the woman who administers it, Beeba, will be so happy to hear from one more participant.
Tracy, I look forward to seeing more of your gorgeous hats and other work. Thanks again for posting about the hats. Take care!

Tracy said...

Just a note: "rebelpigs" is Linda (of the first post,) is tribal on Ravelry - in the same way that I'm Tracy/thnomad/himalaya/baltsoks - don't be confused by the various Internet identities :)