Saturday, May 8, 2010

some spinning

A few yarns in progress, in no particular order - 
This beautiful stuff was dyed by Laura Mayotte (aka indigonightowl,) and I've now finished spinning and plying a two-ply light worsted weight yarn to strand with commercial sage green in my Stilwell sweater.  Love every moment of proximity to indigo.
Came home to a gift (from myself) of more Yarnwench goodness - a mix of fibers, dyed with various natural dyes.  Such a treat.  Spinning it rough, adding in some fabric knots and bursts. 
This has been going on for a little while.  A nice singles of Studioloo merino/viscose, seen here in India. It is being plied, right now, with a bulkier, more expressive singles called Sinfonia.
And some mostly-neutral battlets.  I'm going to spin Noise.

I'll gladly show you what happens to all these, but only if I get some comments - ha!


CCK said...

Okay, I'll bite! Get thee to the needles/loom/hook!

gnaptor said...

hmmm that indigo looks gorgeous. You know I want to see what it will be!!

gnaptor said...


Tracy said...

I know who you are, Tabi :)
(are you just trying to pad the comments?)

Joanna said...

I'm not padding comments, please come back and show us more!

Linda said...

Luscious is the only work I can think of at the moment! More please!
Linda (tribal)

Martha said...

Here's another comment! LOL! The indigo is certainly a lovely color and so smooth. Anxious to see what becomes of it all. Get busy!

Kim Eichler-Messmer said...

Tracy - Your yarn and photos are as lovely as you are. I'm so glad we met and had time together at TSA.