Wednesday, May 26, 2010

and then....

Okay, where was I?
The indigo:
became two-ply light worsted yarn, and is being stranded into my Stilwell sweater with KnitPicks City Tweed in sage green.

It's much further along than that, but I like this photo and wanted the excuse to post it.
The pretty little singles from my spindle became the ply in this yarn, called Sinfonia:

Which reminds me, I don't think I've posted this anywhere else yet....I'm so behind!
This was a pleasure spin, all on spindles - some of my favorite fibers are in there: lime green mohair, purply almost-black merino, white silk, lilac merino/viscose....
The Yarnwench natural-dyed batt from heaven became a pile of fun yarn, 

a rugged singles with fabric add-ins.  This was at least as fun as Sinfonia - I hated for the batt to end.
And then there's the Noise:
still in progress, and showing the spindle on which most of these yarns were spun: Bosworth Maxi, possibly my favorite - certainly my favorite for moderate-sized art yarns.

How's that for some yarn?  The spinning over here has been fast and frenetic.  There's even more where that came from, lest you think my wheel has been idle...


ritarenata said...

long time didnt see you, didnt check out your blog, wonderful work you are doing, the photos are beautiful.
i hope you are well, healthy and happy.
greetings :

Joanna said...

Encore! Just keep them coming please Tracey! xxx

Tracy said...

Thank you! Nice to hear from you, Rita :)
THis could become a series, Joanna - the work just moves along, and I don't mind updating you!

Laura said...

I NEED to have your yarn :-)

At least I can look at it.
So beautiful.