Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Putting cloth on people

This is becoming a thing with me, costuming people for historical reconstructions of old Qatar.  I got my second gig with a documentary film crew.  This time was much hotter, but more mellow people and therefore more fun.  We were attempting to evoke the Iron Age, the town of Murwab (9th century), and 19th century Al Zubara, based on archaeological findings here in Qatar.
The Iron Age guys, models from an agency, were a hoot.  Got them all wrapped in less than an hour.
Shades and shoes would be shed for the shoot, of course.
(yikes, did I set off the alliteration alarm?)

I was also happy with this outfit, for the Al Zubara scene:
We kept colors and costumes simple, for the sake of avoiding any misrepresentation.
I got pretty good at turbans by day three of filming.
The set background here is a mock village constructed for the purpose of filming, in the style of historical Qatar, complete with functioning tiny mosque and nice doorways and interiors.


CCK said...

Love it! Thanks for sharing - how's the historical representation in this one?

Tracy said...

Hi Connie! I think we did an okay job, if that's what you mean. There would have been more variety in the clothing, some imported, fancy things, but we could only work with what's available in certain warehouses here. And the director wanted to err on the side of caution, so we went with the simplest options.
The Qatar National Day Committee was overseeing, so they will decide if things look legit. They seem to be more concerned with cultural consistency, rather than historical.

Laura said...

Beautiful pictures, stark contrasts. Thank you!