Thursday, April 7, 2011

Very small things

There's a world of trouble and pain, and meanwhile I'm just doing what I know how to do, and hoping to make a positive difference. I have work in progress for others, repositories of love and good wishes.
 A sweater for my father.  This is important.
 And a mitered cross blanket, from the Mason Dixon benefit pattern, made from leftover yarns with a view toward Afghans for Afghans. Garter stitch soothes, when one is overwhelmed by world news.
Then I have work in progress for myself.  I'm trying to learn to spin and weave.
 (Abby's Batts.  There is no substitute.)
Hard-won handspun complementary warp weaving on the backstrap.  This is decidedly harder than it looks.  Lessons in humility and patience.  Feeling the need to spend more time with fiber and yarn.  Challenging as they can be, sometimes they are the only things whose language I understand.

Oh, one more thing I'm doing is making care packages of Socks for Japan. Reading the updates on that site made it all very real, and I'm grateful to have a way to share something useful.

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Laura said...

We need to concentrate on small things in order to cope with the horror of events beyond our control - and to prove to oneself and others that life does go on. Thank you for your most recent blog entry and those lovely projects - the Mason Dixie blanket has caught my eye before and I love your choice of materials and colors.